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Established as an outsource copywriting solution to the advertising and marketing industry, I provide the words that complete the creative delivering the desired message in ways that engage, inform, and sometimes, amuse.

M.A.C Cosmetics
Copywriter/Product Branding

A client for over 20 years, I was lucky enough to collaborate in the launch of this cosmetics company after it became fully owned by Estee Lauder. Working with the creative director, projects included everything from naming shades and creating a marketing narrative for seasonal themes that steered the brand's marketing efforts. I also wrote the brand's first website, and many of the elements I generated continue to this day.


Creative Writing

Product Naming

Content Creation

Design Concepts

Brand Strategy

Graphic Design






52 Pick-Up
Copywriter/Product Branding


52 Pick-Up is a strategic communications company overseen by Nick Monteleone and Susan McIntee. ​ Through our collaborations I  have developed a portfolio of award-winning work, particularly in the area of real estate marketing.


​Fashion, beauty, and health! What a mix! But what a great fusion for a person of my interests. Working as Editor I did all the usual editor's stuff while acting as a creative director for all the fashion and beauty shoots with everthing that entails. Prior to this Editorship, I worked freelance as Images' Fashion Editor. Other publications I have written articles for include: Flare, Toronto Life Fashion, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star,  Harrowsmith, and more.

Images Magazine and Healthwatch Magazine

​I joined Budman and Associates as a writer and public relations consultant.  Clients included Maybelline, Vidal Sassoon and many other beauty, fashion and lifestyle clients. Finding the "hook" that sold the story was always the challenge - and the fun.

Budman and Associates

Writer and PR Consultant



University of the Arts, London, England

It really wasn't even a university when I attended. But today it's my alumni.  I divided studies between the London College of Fashion and the London College of Printing and emerged a journalist with an interest in fashion, design and pop culture. Interests that have essentially been the key informants of my craft and career.


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